3D Metal Puzzles

The latest craze to hit the market is 3D metal puzzles. Metal models are sturdier and more resistant than wooden, cardboard, and plastic ones. They are also a bit heavier than plastic and cardboard puzzles. However, the ones we offer use polished grade A metal. Due to its amenability, the material allows for all sorts of shapes. The companies we work with have state of the art machinery. They use lasers to cut the pieces and for incredibly detailed etching. Thus, pieces fit like a glove, and the models are smooth. You won’t believe what you can build with your hands. We’ve got loads of models.

We offer Metal Earth 3D puzzles in an astonishing array of models, sizes, and types. Some of the models have a metallic look. There are black, silver, and golden puzzles. At the same time, we have multicolored models. Our most popular models include 3D puzzles of landmarks, famous buildings, movies, TV-series, cars, ships, planets, and animals. There is a puzzle for every kick and fancy. Since models look like sculptures, youngsters and adults have a thing for metal 3D puzzles in particular. However, we have metal puzzles for kids too. There is nothing to worry about. Our articles are non-toxic and comply with strict European safety regulations.

3D Metal Puzzles of Famous Buildings

Metal Earth produces the most breathtaking metal 3D puzzles of buildings and landmarks. A brilliant team of architects, designers, and artists creates luxurious models of the world’s most iconic structures. We are talking about steel 3D puzzles of majestic buildings such as the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, Brooklyn Bridge in New York, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Parthenon in Athens, and Himeji Castle in Japan. Polished to perfection, every model is an exact copy of the original. As you can imagine, avid travelers love 3D puzzles of the best architecture in the world. Assembling one takes you to your favorite places and makes you want to keep on traveling.

Metal Earth has products for architecture lovers of all ages. Most of our models are for kids 14 years and up. However, we do have some you can build with your younger kid. Each model comes in a box with several metal sheets inside. All you have to do is punch the pieces out of the sheets and stick to the easy to follow instructions. You do not need weird tools to assemble your model. At most, all you need is a pair of tweezers. The result is a stunning replica of your favorite building. That’s why Metal Earth 3D puzzles are collector’s pieces, who proudly exhibit them in your office or home.

3D Metal Puzzles of Star Wars

For over 40 years, the Star Wars saga has been part of our culture. Many of us grew, and are growing, with it. Who hasn’t heard the mantra: May the force be with you! Metal Earth has 3D metal puzzles of Star Wars that will take you to the movies. Fascinations Metal Earth Star Wars has the official license to produce top class models. Created by physicists, these architectural toys are wonders you can assemble with your hands. Wait until you experience how much fun the assembling mechanism is. That’s why building a model chills to the bone. You will buy one, and you will come back for the entire collection.

Ships, androids, and machines are as important as the characters in the movies. George Lucas did an amazing job in creating a spectacular universe. Metal 3D puzzles of Star Wars are exact reproductions of the best of the movies. We have CRPO2, R2-D2, Stormtroopers, and all the characters from the first movies. Of course, no collection would be complete without a Metal Earth 3D puzzle of Darth Vader. We have everything from all of the latest movies, including Boba Fett, Kylo Ren, the Speeder Bike, The Child, and every wing fighter. Assembling these models isn’t easy. The whole point is to relax! Enroll your kids or friends, and have a blast. The result is a polished steel sculpture.

3D Metal Puzzles of Game of Thrones

Millions of people across the world watched Games of Thrones, making it the most successful TV series of all time. Through its 8 seasons, the series took us to fascinating universes. Not only was the story good, but the scenery and sets were dreamy. Metal Earth’s line, called 3D Puzzle Game of Thrones, is in a league of its own. Done entirely in steel, they are faithful copies of the original to the last detail. The pieces come in metal sheets. Punch them out and follow the instructions. You can start with the easiest models and work yourself to the hardest ones. You will never find a more fun and challenging toy.

As you know, the producers of the series combined real locations with imaginary structures and characters. Architects and history buffs know that a fortress in Lovrijenac, Croatia, inspired the Red Keep. The metal 3D puzzle of the Red Keep will make your jaw drop. Assembling such a complex model can be a fun family project. Other popular 3D models include a beautiful Dragon, the House of Stark Sigil, the splendid Silence Ship, and the Mountain. Evidently, we have the most sought after Game of Thrones metal puzzle: the Metal Earth Iron Throne itself. As you know, the throne is made out of metal spades. Thus, the metal 3D puzzle looks as fantastic as the one from the series.

3D Metal Puzzles of Vehicles

Metal Earth ICONX models are the best of the best. The line includes some of the most iconic cars of all time. Actually, we have planes, boats, trucks, tanks, and all sorts of vehicles. Each model reproduces the original to the utmost detail. As you know, cars are made of metal, including steel. Since Metal Earth 3D puzzles are also made of steel, models look exactly like the original. Consequently, collectors from all over the world search for new Metal Earth ICONX models. Granted, these are not super easy to build, and that’s why fans love them. After all, we are dealing with genius assembling mechanisms. You can build on your own, taking as much time as you want, or pull a group of friends. Metal Earth has a Titanic perfect for families. The gorgeous assembled model will be a beacon of what your family is capable of.

Metal Earth has planes and cars for everyone. History buffs will find designs such as the Yamato Ship, the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, and the Tuskegee Airmen P-51D Mustang, all used in World War II. Complete your World War collection with vehicles like the Willy’s Overland and the Humvee. If you are into space, we have space shuttles, rovers, modules, telescopes, and space stations. Car enthusiasts have an ever wider range of options, from classics like the 1934 Packard Twelve Convertible and the 1935 Duesenberg Model J to a Metal Earth Delorean. You can even buy a Batmobile by Metal Earth that the Batman himself would like to assemble. Do not forget that as luxurious as these models look, they are sturdy toys to play with. Hence, double the fun!

Other 3D Metal Puzzles

Brain-teaser metal puzzles have come back big time. So have metal ring puzzles. Legions of people love them. These fun stainless steel wire puzzles may look simple but require highly developed manual skills and spatial thinking. Sometimes it’s easier to disentangle them than putting them back together. Study after study has proven that 3D metal puzzles for adults reduce stress and quiet the mind. However, children love them too. They have fun while developing key abilities. That said, since pieces are small, adults must supervise young kids.

Eureka 3D puzzle 10 metal puzzles are for the entire family. We have them all: blue, green, red, and pink. Each model indicates its degree of difficulty. You can work yourself up till you master the whole series. The company has over 110 models. That’s right, you will never get bored. Sharpen your mind and see who in your family untangles them faster. Once you are able to understand each mechanism, you will want to try another one. Brain-teaser metal puzzles are addictive!