3D Puzzle of la Sagrada Familia

We have selected the best 3D puzzle of the Sagrada Familia just for you. There is no other temple like the majestic church in Barcelona, Spain. Likewise, there is no La Sagrada Familia 3D jigsaw puzzle as the Cubicfun and National Geographic model. As you know, the temple is the masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi, the Spanish architect born in Catalonia in 1852. The guy was a genius and is unanimously considered the best Catalan modernist architect of all time. He died before seeing his creation completed. Actually, just 25% of the church was up when a tram hit him in 1926.

The church is still under construction. Even more impressive structures have been added over the years. Today, the temple is the most impressive gothic-inspired art nouveau temple in the world. We live in Barcelona and we never tire of seeing it. In 2005, UNESCO recognized the temple’s cultural importance and included it in its World Heritage Site List. Today, the Cathedral is the most visited landmark in Spain. People from all over the world come to Barcelona to admire the iconic church. Now you can build a reduced-size replica of the Sagrada Familia.

3D Puzzle of Sagrada Familia by CubicFun

Cubicfun created the most fantastic Sagrada Familia 3D model. The company has over 20 years of experience developing incredible paper foam puzzles. They have such passion for quality that they worked with National Geographic on this Sagrada Familia 3D puzzle. Founded in 1888, the prestigious scientific and educational organization’s purpose is to increase and spread geographic knowledge. As you can imagine, they only work with the best. That is why this is an educational toy. Thought for kids and adults as young as 10 years old, this fun puzzle includes a booklet with useful information.

The puzzle is 100% premium quality foam paper. Since lasers cut the pieces, these fit like a glove. Besides, you don’t need any tools or glue. The assembling mechanism is creative and challenging. The 184 pieces come in sheets. Punch out the pieces and follow the instructions. Once assembled, the model is 9.84 inches long, 7.87 inches wide, and 12.99 inches tall (25cm x 20cm x 33cm). The model looks so good, that you will want to display it in your home or office. Not only that, but it is a sturdy and resistant toy. Thus, this 3D puzzle of Sagrada Familia is the perfect gift for history buffs, architects, and travelers.

3D Puzzle of Barcelona

Barcelona is an architect’s dream. Few cities in the world have so many iconic structures. Recognized around the world for their originality and elegance, these buildings dot the incredible Spanish city. We have a 3D puzzle of Barcelona that captures the city’s spirit. Indeed, Cubicfun has a Barcelona 3D puzzle that includes the city’s most admired buildings. We are talking about Park Güell, Mila House, Batllo House, and the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. Due to their cultural importance, UNESCO included all of these magnificent buildings in its World Heritage Site list.

With its 184 premium foam cardboard pieces, you will be able to assemble a 21.26 inches long, 6.69 inches wide, and 10.31 inches tall model (54cm x 17cm x 27cm). There is nothing to worry about. The pieces fit perfectly and never fall. With state-of-the-art printers, Cubicfun has achieved realistic etching. That’s why this puzzle looks so good. This puzzle is for kids and adults 8 years old and up. Assembling a 3D puzzle provides hours of fun while developing spatial thinking and psychomotor abilities. Build it with your kids to introduce them to the world of geography and architecture.

Why Should You Buy 3D Puzzle of Sagrada Familia

We loved assembling our puzzle of the Sagrada Familia in 3D. As architects ourselves, we are passionate about puzzles that reproduce landmarks and iconic buildings. One of our favorite churches in the world is Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Therefore, building it with our hands was a magical experience. Study after study demonstrates that 3D puzzles soothe the mind and reduce stress. Not only that, but you get an ultimate sense of accomplishment. The result is a beautiful piece of art meant to be displayed. That’s why our 3D puzzles of famous buildings and landmarks are collector’s pieces.

We also have a dazzling collection of city skylines that includes New York City, London, and Paris. Assembling these models is a great way to remember previous trips and to plan future ones. That’s why these 3D puzzles are perfect keepsake presents. Gift it to your loved ones and you will be remembered. Besides, building 3D puzzles pulls the family together. You won’t believe how much your kids learn while having fun. Of course, you can also assemble your models on your own, with your partner, or friends. In any case, a 3D jigsaw puzzle of the Sagrada Familia is perfect for beginners and experienced builders.