3D Puzzles of Cars and Ships

Something strange happens when assembling 3D puzzles of cars. Adults behave like kids with their new toys, and kids behave like adults with their new cars! The same can be said for 3D puzzles of ships. People love them and collect them. That’s why we have such a wide selection of models. Our 3D puzzles of cars and ships are more than a fun toy. They are small engineering masterpieces. Adults admire the complex assembling mechanism. On the other hand, kids get introduced to the world of design, engineering, and mechanics. They will have the time of their lives while learning!

We only work with the best companies in the world that design and produce premium quality games. Therefore, we have the entire range of Ravensburger 3D puzzles of cars and ships. The German company has over 100 years of experience and a passion for quality. Likewise, we have fantastic models by CubicFun, a prestigious Chinese company that sells to over 80 countries. Of course, we have Wrebbit products, a top tier producer from Canada. Regarding wooden 3D puzzles, we work with the world’s leading company, Robotime, and carry its famous ROKR line. Also wooden are the designs by Ugears, the Ukrainian company that creates the most artistic 3D puzzles.

3D Puzzles of Cars

Our 3D models reproduce to the utmost detail original vehicles or are fantasy vessels. A car 3D puzzle is the work of designers, engineers, artists, and technicians with a passion for creativity and realism. We have foam cardboard, plastic, and wooden 3D puzzles. Since each piece is cut with a laser, they fit like a glove. Besides, each company has its own patented technology to guarantee sturdy, resistant puzzles. After all, car and ship 3D puzzles are both a game to assemble and an article to play with. Indeed, while some fans exhibit with pride their models, some love to play with them.

Assembling a car in puzzle 3D is a project that pulls families together. You can spend hours with your kids building a model. Therefore, parents love to play with their kids because they have fun while their kids learn without telling them to! No worries, all of our models are safe and nontoxic. Clearly labeled according to the appropriate age, our puzzles come with easy to follow instructions. Older kids love to assemble them on their own or with their friends. Likewise, we have 3D car jigsaw puzzles for adults that will blow your mind. From exact and sophisticated copies of the most iconic cars to completely original avant-garde designs, we have it all!

3D Puzzles of Ships

Building a 3D puzzle of a ship will relax your mind and take you to the world’s seas and oceans. Even if you are not into sailing, you will love our nautical models. They are so elegant that our customers collect them and exhibit them with pride in their homes and offices. We even have incredible models that come with LED lights! As you can imagine, these make a wonderful gift. All of our models are done with top quality materials. That’s why, be it wood, plastic, or cardboard, ships look so good and last a lifetime. Once again, you won’t need any glue or additional tools.

We have models for everyone in your family. As parents, we want our children to learn and develop their abilities. Of course, children just want to have fun. Therefore, parents and kids agree that 3D puzzles of ships are the best toy ever! Girls and boys get introduced to the nautical world. There is so much to discuss when assembling one of our puzzles with your child: history, nature, engineering, and all things water. On the other hand, we have sophisticated and complex models just for adults. Study after study has proven that 3D puzzles reduce stress and soothe the mind. Go ahead and assemble yours alone, with your friends or significant other. You won’t believe what you are capable of!

3D Puzzles of Trains and Other Vehicles

Train jigsaw puzzles for adults are a classic. There is something about trains that fascinate us. We have 3D puzzles of trains that will take you back in history. We are talking about incredible realistic models of the most iconic trains on earth. Not only that, but we also have models of chariots, trucks, planes, and space ships! Yes, you can go to the future too! In addition, we have a couple of lines of original designs. These are small pieces of art you won’t find somewhere else. Whatever ticks your fancy, you will find a wooden, plastic, or foam cardboard 3D puzzle just for you. 

Ugears has a fantastic line called Mechanical Models. These are avant-garde toys done in grade A wood. Not only do they look beautiful, but they move! Ugears developed brilliant mechanisms that allow these 3D puzzles to move. For instance, we have luxurious Victorian trains. The Vapor V-Express model comes with three speeds and covers up to 4 meters! When it comes to spaceships, there is nothing like Robotime’s ROKR Space Hunting line. These beauties have sun powered engines! Wrebitt has equally impressive models, such as its Orbiter spaceship that comes with 435 pieces. How cool is that? As cool as the vintage blimp that moves with springs.

Mobile 3D Puzzles

Mobile 3D puzzles are the most fun. We are talking about models that move through simple yet clever mechanisms. Thus, you have fun while assembling them and when playing. We have wooden and plastic mobile 3D puzzles. Since both incorporate state-of-the-art technology to cut pieces, these fit like a glove and never fall. Rest assured that your model will move without a glitch. No matter your age, we have a 3D puzzle that moves just for you. Ravensburger 3D puzzle cars include models for kids that are as fantastic as the ones for adults. For instance, we have a Lamborghini 3D puzzle that is an exact copy of the iconic car. The same can be said of our Porshe 911 3D puzzle, loved equally by kids and adults.

For adults, we have endless options. Ugears mechanical models are particularly popular. Some models have over 500 wooden pieces. You can build entire cities with trains on rails that move. In fact, you can complete your World Architecture 3D puzzle collection with wooden trains that connect your creations. If you are into air travel, we have a Ugears Aviator Mechanical Model Kit, complete with a plane and a helicopter that move. Science fiction enthusiasts will go crazy over our space ships and fantasy cruisers. You can combine these with our 3D globe or Planetary system puzzles to create your own universe. Since some of these models come with solar panels, they move!

3D Puzzles of Famous Cars and Ships

History buffs, architects, book worms, movie enthusiasts, and travelers will love our 3D puzzles of famous cars, ships, and other vehicles. We have 3D puzzles of the Titanic and other celebrated vessels. In fact, our biggest model of the world’s most famous ship has 266 pieces and comes with LED lights. Train and Harry Potter fans will love our models of the Hogwarts Express in 3D puzzle. You can assemble your train and link it to your 3D puzzle of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The biggest model has 460 pieces! To complete the scene, buy the incredible Harry Potter Knight Bus, which comes with LED lights.

We have a plethora of models for diehard fans of the world’s most iconic cars, be it old or new models. For instance, car fanatics can build classic models such as the Grand Prix U-9, a symbol of the roaring 1920s, the golden age of car design. If you are into contemporary classics, we have the Cabriolet VM-05, the Chevy Bel Air 1957, and the original Volkswagen van from the 60s. When it comes to ships, you can begin your collection of vapor or wind-powered vessels. CubicFun has a wide range of models that include iconic ships that sailed the Mississippi and modern day cruise ships.