3D Puzzles of Famous Buildings

Our 3D puzzles of famous buildings will take you to the most fascinating places in the world! We’ve got incredible 3D puzzles of the most iconic landmarks and structures in the world. They are the perfect toy for those of us who love architecture, traveling, and puzzles. We’ve got plastic, wooden, and cardboard puzzles. Architects and engineers have designed sturdy reproductions of the most iconic buildings on the planet with striking realism and high definition graphics.

We only work with the top 4 companies in the world specialized in the design and production of 3D puzzles. That’s why we have an extensive collection of monuments, archaeological remains, buildings, castles, houses, and stadiums. Besides, we’ve got puzzles of your favorite movies and TV series. We are talking about officially licensed models of the most splendid fantasy castles and palaces. Besides, you can also buy 3D puzzles that light up. These are fun to assemble and so elegant that you will want to decorate your house with your own creations.

3D Puzzles of Famous Landmarks and Monuments

Puzzles that reproduce in 3D celebrated world monuments are a classic. They are the best way to remember your favorite cities and to plan for future trips. As you can imagine, travelers and architects are huge fans of these models. While you assemble your model, you learn about architecture and the culture and people that built the original structure. These majestic buildings are known around the world for a reason: they are our very best! We are talking about Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, or Milan Cathedral.

That’s not all. We’ve got models that are more than a building. A 3D puzzle of the Statue of Liberty represents not only New York but freedom and the American spirit too. Consequently, our 3D puzzles of landmarks and iconic structures are for the entire family. What could be better than building the Parthenon or the Coliseum with your kids while discussing world history? Besides, due to their beauty, they are sophisticated and much appreciated gifts. We all like to travel and discover our planet!

3D Puzzles of Famous Stadiums

Football is much more than just a sport. It’s a passion! People call football the king of sports, and for a reason. Families, friends, and entire cities congregate around a ball. That’s why its fans like to collect items from their favorite teams. You probably have the full uniform of your team. Now, you have the chance to buy 3d puzzles of stadiums. We have the entire collection of the most iconic stadiums on the planet. Some models are easy to assemble, while others, complex architectural models. Take note that all of our 3D football (soccer) stadium puzzles are officially licensed products and as such, are the best in the market.

As you can imagine, we have a 3D stadium puzzle for each of Europe’s top teams. For instance, we have several models of the Santiago Bernabeu in Spain, where the Real Madrid Club de Football plays. Evidently, we also have a 3D puzzle of the Camp Nou in Barcelona, where Barça plays. You can complete your collection of 3D soccer stadium puzzles with models of French, Italian, British and German teams, amongst others. To top it all, we have fantastic models that come with LED lights. They reproduce with striking realism the original stadium with astonishing results. Hence, these puzzles are the perfect gift for football fans.

3D Puzzles of Famous Castles

Castles trigger our imagination and stimulate our minds. Assembling a 3D castle puzzle brings all of our memories and dreams alive. That’s why kids and adults love them so much. Of course, architects and history buffs go crazy too. After all, some castles are amongst the most impressive buildings in the world. Seeing your favorite castle come to life with your own hands is so relaxing. When you assemble them with your family, you build a beautiful object and lovely moments to be remembered.

The young and the not that young adore the Disney Castle in 3D puzzle. For them, we have several models. All produced under official license. This one is also a family favorite since we all can agree on the magic of Disney. Of course, we also have Neuschwanstein Castle in 3D puzzle. The most visited castle in Europe inspired the one in Disney. For Harry Potter fans, we’ve got several 3D puzzles of Hogwarts Castle. These are as incredible as the sets of your favorite movies, but you can have them at home and gift them.

3D Puzzles: Companies


We are pleased to offer you Ravensburger AG 3D puzzles. In 1883, Otto Robert Maier founded the company in Ravensburger City, Germany. Everybody loved their products so much that the company released its first Travel the World Game in 1884. In 1964, they started producing their signature puzzles. The company is now global, with offices in Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. A Ravensburger 3D puzzle is a premium toy fabricated with excellent materials. These guys are obsessed with design and quality. 

The company invests heavily in research and technology. Therefore, their models are sturdy, and pieces fit like a glove. The latter is possible thanks to their patented easyclick technology. Today, we have over 30 models of top-notch toys divided into 5 lines of products. For instance, Ravensuberger’s Puzzle Ball line includes the planets in the universe, our earth, and artistic balls. Both the Puzzle Building and Puzzle Building Night Edition lines are truthful copies of the most iconic buildings on the planet. They also have a beautiful line of 3D puzzles with lights. These are real lamps you can use to decorate your home. Finally, the Shape line has all sorts of 3d puzzles.


Wrebbit is a Canadian company with the mission of creating the best foam cardboard 3D puzzles. They’ve got over 30 years of experience developing original games. However, since Wrebbit 3D puzzles were such a hit, in 2012, they decided to specialize and produce only puzzles. The company excels in architectural toys. They’ve got both simple and elaborate lines of puzzles of movies, tv-series, castles, churches, and other iconic buildings. Wrebbit toys are cosmopolitan and fancy. That’s why the company has such prestige.

Wrebbit has a superb collection of 3D puzzles of the Big Apple, including the city’s most recognizable beacons. You can even assemble a complete and faithful reproduction of New York’s skyline. The entire line, called The Classics, is fantastic. It includes architectural jewels such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Taj Mahal, and Sydney’s Opera House. If you think that’s impressive, wait till you see their Urbania Line. You can build all different sorts of houses and build an entire city!


Cubicfun is the number one company in China designing and producing 3D puzzles. The company was founded in Shandong in 1994. However, they began fabricating 3D puzzles in 1997 and exporting outside of China in 2001. Their products are of such quality that they have National Geographic’s license to produce the one of a kind City Traveler collection. We are talking about the world’s most impressive buildings done in 3D. The models are as grand as the original buildings but smaller.

The above-mentioned line was so successful that CubicFun released a wider range of products. Called the World’s Great Architecture, this line is the dream of architects, historians, and travelers alike. Some of the models come with LED lights and look exactly the same as their brick counterparts. The same can be said of its Set off for Exploration line, the delight of nature lovers and explores. You won’t believe how real and alive the animals look. Fortunately, CubicFun has magical products for kids too. Their products are educational, fun, safe, and the perfect gift for clever kids.


We also work with the best Spanish company, Educa Borras. In 1894, the original company was founded in Barcelona. Initially, the company specialized in magic tricks and kits. They soon decided to expand and concentrate on educational premium toys. With over 125 years of experience, they blend classical toys with state of the art technology to surprise us every year. An Educa 3D puzzle teaches kids so much and is so much. They will ask for more!

Only the best companies produce officially licensed products. Both the Disney and Star Wars companies chose Educa Borras. Kids create and play for hours while parents relax knowing they are safe, learning, and developing their mental abilities. Their architectural line is a beauty. You can assemble with your kid an Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, the Tower of Pisa, and the Big Ben. These trigger children’s interest in architecture and world cultures. Few toys can teach so much and be as entertaining as 3D puzzles!