3D Puzzles of Game of Thrones

If you are reading this, it’s because you are just like us: a fan of 3D puzzles and Game of Thrones. It is, after all, the best series of all time. The series premiered 10 years ago and since its first episode became an instant classic. Besides, it’s been a couple of years since it ended, and it is still very much loved. We all agree that the story is fascinating, full of twists and turns, surprises, love, hatred, and everything in between. However, the wardrobe, characters, scenery, and cinematography were equally impressive. Both things kept us glued to our screens.

All of our Game of Thrones 3D jigsaw puzzles are officially licensed products. As you know, the series producers created the most fantastic universe. Consequently, they chose the best 3D puzzle companies in the world. Hence, each model is a faithful reproduction of the original scene, prop, or character in the series. Now, you can have the magic of your favorite series in your home. Actually, you can build it yourself! You won’t believe what you are capable of doing. You will be so proud of your gorgeous sculptures that you will want to gift them to your loved ones.

3D Puzzles of Kings Landing

The series takes place amongst the most beautiful palaces, castles, houses, and dwellings. Kings Landing is the capital of the Seven Kingdoms and essential in the story. Kings, queens, and everyone in between loves, kills, betrays, hates, and lives the good life in this magical place. We have a Game of Thrones Kings Landing 3D puzzle as incredible as the original city. We are talking about a faithful reproduction of the original landing. Whether metal, plastic, or foam cardboard, each GOT 3D puzzle we offer is a premium toy done with care and passion.

The famous throne everybody is fighting over is in Kings Landing. But not everything shines in the majestic city. Like in current-day cities, there is a slum. Called Flea Bottom, it spreads over the eastern side of Rhaeny’s Hill. This 3D puzzle of Game of Thrones includes the maze-like borough. The model has 262 pieces that fit together like a glove. Besides, pieces never fall or lose their color and shape with time. Everything you need to assemble your puzzle is included. Therefore, you don’t need tools or glue.

3D Puzzles of Red Keep

As Jeoffrey Baratheon tells us, Aegon built his castle with red stones to remind people of the fire he used to bake his enemies. He wanted everyone in Kings Landing to look up and see what happens if you challenged him. The King of the Andals and the First Men live in the Red Keep. We offer a 845 foam cardboard piece puzzle that honors the original fortress. It is part of the series Game of Thrones Puzzle 3D by Wrebbit. Due to its complexity, this puzzle is perfect to build as a family project.

The other 3D puzzle of the Red Keep we have is a 314 piece beauty. It may have fewer pieces than the one above, but it is too a replica of the series’ fortress. This one is perfect for kids 8 years old and up. However, it is not suitable for kids younger than 3 years old. The model is pretty big: 20.67 inches long, 17.71 inches wide, and 13.4 inches tall (52.5cm x 45cm x 34cm). You will have a blast assembling it! There is no need for tools or glue. All you have to do is punch out the foam cardboard pieces and follow the instructions.

3D Puzzles of Winterfell

The other great royal property is Winterfell. However, this one is the official residence of the House Stark. The capital of the Kingdom of the North was destroyed and rebuilt hundreds of times. After all, it is over 8000 years old. We have a huge Game of Thrones Winterfell 3D puzzle that is as impressive as the fortress. Wrebbit created a 910 piece puzzle that will make your jaw drop. It is not easy to assemble, and that’s another reason to buy it. You will spend hours relaxed and dreaming while building your fortress. The result will fill you with pride.

The other Game of Thrones 3D puzzle of Winterfell is a bit easier to assemble. However, with its 430 pieces, you will be able to build a replica of the palace. Indeed, the gray and blue walls of the puzzle look exactly like the ones in the castle. Both models are premium toys. Since lasers cut the pieces, these feet like a glove. The result is a sturdy puzzle you can play with or exhibit. Besides, you don’t need to choose between the models. A lot of our customers collect them both. Another option is to get one to gift to your loved ones.

3D Puzzles of Iron Throne

What would a 3D Game of Thrones Puzzle collection be without the throne itself? Everyone in the series fought over the throne, but you don’t have to! We have The Iron Throne replica you’ve been looking for. Metal Earth has produced an Iron Throne that will take your breath away. As you know, the throne is made out of 1000 iron spades. Since Metal Earth specializes in steel 3D puzzles, this model looks exactly the same as the coveted throne. You guessed it: this gorgeous sculpture is a collector’s piece and makes a wonderful gift.

For the youngest in the family, we have a wooden monument puzzle 3D of the Throne. Educa Borrás is a company with over 100 years of experience producing the best toys for kids. Their products are a classic that satisfies both kids and parents. This model is made of eco-friendly wood. Its 56 pieces are non-toxic and safe. It’s perfect for kids 6 years old up. When assembling it, kids improve their psychomotor abilities and learn to work for a bigger reward. Once they are done, they can play as much as they want.

3D Puzzles of Game of Thrones – The Best Brands

As you can imagine, getting the license to produce toys from the iconic series isn’t easy. After so many years of following the series, fans would never take mediocre models of the stunning palaces and castles. Each Wrebbit 3D puzzle of Game of Thrones is crafted with care under such a strict license. The Canadian company is known for its passion for quality. They’ve invested in research and technology and work with lasers to cut the pieces. Besides, since they use state of the art printers, the quality of the graphics is unparalleled.

Another top producer that has the official license is Metal Earth. The American company has a legion of fans around the world. In particular, collectors choose their models due to how elegant they look. Metal Earth uses premium steel. Each piece is polished to perfection and fits perfectly. Consequently, a Metal Earth 3D puzzle of Game of Thrones will last a lifetime. There is nothing to worry about since these models are non-toxic and comply with strict European and American Regulations. If you are looking for an original top-class gift, these puzzles are for you.

Cubic Fun is the leading company in Asia that specializes in 3D cardboard puzzles. They too have the official license. The company developed a technology that allows its puzzles to be sturdy and resistant. Therefore, once done, you will want to exhibit your creation. That said, these Game of Thrones 3D puzzles are toys. Consequently, your kid can play with his creations as many times as he wants. That’s why these 3D puzzles are considered educational toys. Adults love them because their kids learn, and kids adore them because they get to play!