3D Puzzles of Star Wars

May the force be with you! The entire planet knows where that is from. The first movie premiered in 1977 and changed the world forever. The movies were such a hit because they tell great stories. However, the characters, sets, machines, androids, and animals in the movies are as important as the stories. We have 3D jigsaw puzzles of Star Wars that will take you to the movies. Whether you are a kid just watching the movies or grew up with them, you will find your favorite characters and vehicles. We have only selected the best 3D Star Wars puzzles, produced under official license. Our plastic, wooden, and metal models are exact replicas of the originals.

The beauty of our puzzles is that they are great fun to assemble. No matter your age or how much time you’ve got, there is a puzzle just for you. Some puzzles have fewer pieces and are simple to assemble. Others are quite complex and take time. After all, the whole point is to relax and build something elaborate. We have puzzles for kids and for adults. Bigger models pull the family together. Likewise, you can assemble them with your group of friends or partner. Due to their elegant look and quality, legions of fans collect our models. Besides, they are wonderful gifts.

3D Puzzles of Darth Vader

Arguably, Darth Vader is the most popular character in the movies. Popular, not loved! As Anakin Skywalker, he used to be nice. But then he moved into the Dark Side and became pure evil. In any case, the costume with its black mask is iconic. No puzzle 3D Star Wars collection will be complete without Darth Vader. We have several models, including a metal action figure that is an exact copy of the original. This one isn’t easy to build. Assembling one is challenging, and kids should do so under supervision. We are talking about a complex puzzle sculpture in 3D of Darth Vader. Once you finish, you can play with or exhibit it.

Metal 3D puzzles of Star Wars are sturdy and light. These polished steel pieces of art are smooth to the touch. We have several Darth Vader helmets in 3D puzzle. It’s part of a larger collection of metal helmets of popular characters. We have metal 3D puzzles of the helmets of Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, Kylo Ren, an Elite Praetorian Guard, and a First Guard Stormtrooper. For kids 6 years up, Educa Borras created the Collection Star Wars Puzzle Sculpture 3D. To build these fantastic puzzles, you need to stack the cardboard pieces in rows. Of course, you can build a 3D sculpture of Dark Vader’s Helmet. The set comes with a plastic base, the name tag, instruction guide, and paint pots. That’s right, once you assemble your Star Wars 3D sculpture puzzle, you can paint it!

3D Puzzles of Other Star Wars Characters

Yoda is arguably Star Wars’ most beloved character. The wise humanoid conquered our hearts in The Empire Strikes Back. Since then, it symbolizes the force. His slow movements and quirky voice are unmistakable. We have an action figure of Yoda in a 3D puzzle. Likewise, we have an Educa Borras Sculpture Puzzle of Yoda. Stack the pieces and paint it green! Of course, we have metal action figures of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, 3CPO, R2D2, and stormtroopers in form of a 3D puzzle. These are steel models that look exactly like the characters. These luxurious art pieces are toys that move! Some people build them to collect, while others play.

As you have seen, we have all of the classics. Now, from the latest Star Wars movies, we have the coolest 3D puzzles ever. Let’s begin with the puzzle in 3D of Kylo Ren. The guy is as mean as Darth Vader. We have his helmet and action figure. Diehard fans will like our The Child, aka Grogui, complete with his metal vessel. Boba Fett is another beloved character from the latest hits. We have his action figure and helmet. Yes, we have the Mandalorian too. Regarding androids, our models include a BB8 done to perfection, an extremely detailed IG-11, and a miniature replica of the D-0. Here you will find everything you need to complete your collection.

3D Puzzles of Millennium Falcon

Without a doubt, our favorite model is the Star Wars Millennium Falcon 3D puzzle. The mother of all spaceships appeared for the first time in the first Star Wars movie of 1977. It became an instant classic. Who can forget the fastest piece of junk that ever crossed the universe? Han Solo and Chewbacca roamed space in it. They considered it their home. We have more than one Millennium Falcon jigsaw puzzle. Some are easy to assemble, others are challenging. However, all of our models reproduce the falcon to the utmost detail. The designers behind our models are as obsessed with it as you are!

Metal Earth has an exact steel replica of the Millennium Falcon fighter. Pieces come in two steel sheets. You don’t need glue or solder to assemble your 2.83 inch long, 2.20 inch wide, and 1.81-inch tall model. However, you may need a pair of tweezers. Metal Earth also has Lando’s, Millennium Falcon. As you know, he totally revamped the ship to entertain guests. This model is as luxurious as the one from the movie Solo. Revel has a Millennium Falcon jigsaw puzzle with lights, combat sounds, and movable parts. Their other Falcon model has over 800 pieces. They both look amazing! So much, that a lot of our customers collect them all!

3D Puzzles of Other Spaceships

Star Wars spaceships, machines, and vehicles are essential to the movies. George Lucas and the producers designed a universe like no other. Our 3D puzzles reproduce the coolest gadgets, ships, and machines from the Star Wars movies. Amongst our best models, we find a 823 piece Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer 3D puzzle for kids 12 up. All of the foam cardboard pieces fit smoothly and never fall. Though you can do it on your own, you may want to call your friends. We also offer a wooden mini 3D puzzle of Star Wars Episode 1 Sith. It is not a replica of the original, but a creative sculpture.

Diehard fans of the movies, space, and engineering will be happy with our dazzling collection of spaceships. Here you will find the Razor Crest, the Resistance-A Wing Fighter, and Zorriis’s Y Imperial AT-Hauler. We even have Enfys Nest’s Swoop Bike, Moloch’s Landspeeder, Han’s Speeder, and the Imperial AT-Hauler from Solo: A Star Wars Story. If you loved The Last Jedi, get the 3D puzzle of a Resistance Bomber, AT-M6 Heavy Assault Walker, Kylo’s Ren’s Tie Silencer, and a Resistance Ski Speeder. There is even a speeder bike. To top it all, we have an epic Star Wars 3D metal puzzle of Death Star. With our puzzles, you have everything you need to complete your collection!

Traditional Star Wars Puzzles

Since Star Wars fans are legions, we are pleased to offer traditional puzzles too. The plethora of models we have will surprise you. There is a monochrome Ravensburger Star Wars puzzle of Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers in a limited color palette of black, gray, white, and red. This Star Wars puzzle has 1000 pieces of premium grade cardboard with a linen finish. If you are up to bigger models, we have Star Wars jigsaw puzzles of 2000 pieces and more. All of our models are officially licensed products. You get the best quality and endless hours of entertainment. If you are looking for a gift, these are your gifts!

Fortunately, there are Star Wars puzzles made just for kids. Our models for older kids have some 500 pieces! Of course, the entire family can chip in. For kids 6 years up, we have models of around 200 pieces. Models for younger kids have heavier bulkier pieces. For kids 3 years up, puzzles have up to 4 pieces. These are fun and educational toys. There are even prekindergarten 3D puzzles.  Delicately crafted, these puzzles are nontoxic and safe. Hence you can also buy them to give as presents. Of course, adults should always supervise babies and young children when they are playing. Parents, uncles, and aunts call it having fun with your kid!