3D Puzzles That Light Up

A couple of years ago, the first 3D jigsaw puzzles that light up hit the market. They were an instant hit. We are talking about beautiful 3D puzzles that come with lights. Hence, once assembled, you can use them to decorate your home or office. Besides, if you are looking for something original to gift, these puzzles are for you. Due to their quality and design, a lot of our customers collect them.

We have a dazzling array of 3D puzzles with lights. Evidently, we have an incredible line of 3D puzzles of famous buildings and landmarks with lights. Assemble your favorite building with your hands, and then see it illuminated in all of its glory. Of course, we have 3D jigsaw puzzles with light for kids. They love them! Younger kids can assemble theirs too, but with the help of their parents. Our puzzles bring the family together!

3D Puzzle Eiffel Tower Night Edition

Without a doubt, the Eiffel Tower is the most famous structure in France. Some would argue that it’s the number one landmark in the world. In any case, the tower is gorgeous. That’s why we have a 3D puzzle of the Eiffel Tower for everyone, including a night edition. If you like our classic models, wait till you see a 3D light up Eiffel Tower puzzle. You will fall in love as if you were in Paris. And you will want to share that love and get puzzles for all your loved ones.

Ravensburger developed a 3D puzzle Night Edition of the Eiffel Tower that will leave you speechless. The 216 piece jigsaw puzzle reproduces the tower to the utmost detail and comes with LED technology. Set the lights to a steady glow or to switch between colors.  For kids, we have a Disney Classics Eiffel Tower 3D Puzzle, Night Edition. As pretty as the other one, but with Disney’s characters! CubicFun has a 3D jigsaw puzzle of the Eiffel Tower with lights. It is an exact copy of the tower that looks fantastic with its flashing lights.

3D Puzzle Statue of Liberty Night Edition

The statue of Liberty Enlightening the World is known the world over. It is the symbol of the United States and liberty. Ravensburger has designed a 3D puzzle of the Statue of Liberty Night Edition that reproduces the statue with striking realism, including the pedestal. The company uses its patented easy click technology, so the 108 pieces fit like a glove and never fall. You don’t need glue or tools to assemble this 3D jigsaw puzzle. Each 3D puzzle Ravensburger night edition is made of premium plastic. Assemble your statue, and prepare to be dazzled by its multicolored LED lights.

CubicFun has the most incredible foam cardboard 3D puzzle of the Statue of Liberty with LED lights. Just like the previous model, lasers cut pieces to guarantee a perfect fit. Again, no tools or glue are needed. The model comes with easy to follow instructions. However, batteries are not included. With its 37 pieces, you can build a 9.6 inch (24.5 cm) tall sculpture, including the concrete pedestal. Building one with your family is the perfect way to talk to your child about freedom, architecture, and culture.

3D Puzzle Empire State Building Night Edition

The Empire State Building is probably the most recognized skyscraper in the world. The 443.2-meter art deco building is amongst the most photographed structures on the planet. The building, completed in 1931, was the tallest in the world until 1971 when the World Trade Center came up. Each 3D puzzle of the Empire State Building night edition we have is as beautiful as the original structure. Both Ravensburger and CubicFun excel in 3D light up puzzles. Both are obsessed with quality. Each model comes with everything you need to assemble your 3D jigsaw puzzle with lights, except the batteries.

Ravensburger has a 3D puzzle night edition of the Empire State Building that uses LED technology to shine in 5 different colors. The model has 216 high-quality pieces and is 48.5cm tall when assembled. As with all Ravensburger 3D light up puzzles, each piece comes with a number, so all you have to do is follow the instructions. However, you can also assemble it by eye! CubicFun’s Empire Estate 3D jigsaw puzzle with lights for adults and kids 8 up has 38 foam cardboard pieces. The model is a faithful reproduction of the building, complete with light effects. Building one with your kids is a great way to introduce them to the world of architecture.

3D Puzzle Big Ben Night Edition

The Tower Clock, built in 1859 on Westminster Palace, is one of the most iconic buildings in the United Kingdom. Everybody knows it as Big Ben, though its name since 2012 is Queen Elizabeth II. Ravensburger has a 3D puzzle of the Big Ben night edition that honors this timeless masterpiece. The 216 piece model is for kids and adults 8 years old and up. This puzzle is so elegant that it’s meant to be displayed after it’s assembled. Of course, you can also play with it. The model comes with color-changing LED lights and includes everything you need to build it, except batteries for the lights.

Another Big Ben night edition 3D puzzle worth having is the foam cardboard one by CubicFun. This Big Ben light up puzzle changes colors, creating a beautiful lamp. It has fewer pieces than the one above, 28. Pieces fit like a glove, and the model is sturdy and long-lasting. Thought for kids and adults 5 years up, it’s the perfect educational toy. You can relax while your child improves his psychomotor abilities and learns to work for a bigger reward. They won’t believe what they can do. Besides, they can play with their toy and use it as a night lamp.

3D Puzzle Santiago Bernabeu with LED Lights

Real Madrid is one of the most popular football teams in the world. Their stadium is one of the biggest stadiums in the world. We are talking about no other than the Santiago Bernabeu, in Madrid, Spain. The original stadium dates back to 1947, but it’s been updated several times. In fact, it’s currently under a 500 million euro renovation. We have the best puzzle 3D of Santiago Bernabeu with LED lights. We also have the one without lights. This one has the same lighting system as the original stadium.

Nanostad is the leading company in the world that produces 3D puzzles of famous stadiums. Their 3D puzzles are top quality toys. That’s why the football team chose it to produce officially licensed products. This model has 161 premium quality plastic pieces. These never fall and do not lose shape or color. A Nanostad 3D puzzle Santiago Bernabeu with LED is a toy to play with. They last a lifetime and are the perfect gift for football fans around the globe. Architects love this puzzle too. After all, the monumental stadium is a sight to behold.

3D Puzzle Camp Nou with LED Lights

The other great Spanish team is the Barcelona Football club. Actually, the team has fans all over the world. The team is so popular that its stadium is amongst the most visited landmarks in Barcelona. The Camp Nou was built in 1957 and has been updated several times. Every year, countless UEFA and Champion League matches take place there. Not only that, but it is an Olympic Stadium, used in the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games. Nanostad has a Camp Nou 3D puzzle with LED lights that will take your breath away.

The company uses state of the art printers. That’s why this model is an exact copy of the majestic stadium in Barcelona. The model comes with everything you need to assemble the puzzle, including easy to follow instructions. Thus, no glue or tools are needed.  However, you must buy the batteries for the LED lights. Football fans as young as 7 years old can assemble the puzzle. Adults must supervise younger kids. As you can imagine, this is the perfect gift for every football fan.

3D Puzzle of Lighthouse Night Edition

New England is full of gorgeous lighthouses. The earliest was built in Connecticut in 1761. From then on, they became part of the landscape in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. People from all over the world tour the area looking for them. Collectors do the same online, searching for a new 3D lighthouse puzzle to add to their collection. Ravensburger line called 3D Puzzle Lighthouse Night Edition will satisfy the most demanding collector. They look stunning. That’s why they are such fantastic presents: everybody likes them!

Today, there are over 150 lighthouses scattered around New England. The Ravensburger light up 3D puzzle of 216 pieces is an exact copy of these classic lighthouses. If you think it looks beautiful during the day, wait till you see it at night. The LED lights create a light beacon like the one used to warn passing ships. The light rotates as in a real lighthouse. The effect is very dramatic. Children from 8 years up can assemble it. You better buy several, since once you assemble one, you will want to gift them.

3D Puzzle Ball with Lights

The previous puzzles were of iconic buildings. Now, we are pleased to introduce the 3D puzzle ball collection from Ravensburger. The company created its first line of puzzle balls a long time ago. Since they were such a hit, now they have them with LED lights. Each of these wonderful balls is a 3D puzzle as well as a lamp. Though these are round puzzles, and pieces are curved, the company’s technology guarantees that pieces will never fall. What else could you ask for? You can turn on your lamp clapping or with the switch at the base. So much fun!

Ravensburger has several 3D puzzles that light up. For instance, we have models with Disney characters. These are officially licensed products. We have the classic cartoons, as well as your favorite characters from the latest movies. Yes, we have such hits as Frozen, Cars, and PAW Patrol. For the smallest member of the family, we have their favorite characters from PJ Masks. We even have a 3D puzzle ball lamp of the Barcelona football team! Though these puzzles were designed for kids, you would be surprised how many adults have them.