3D Walt Disney Puzzles

The magical world of Mickey Mouse and his friends occupies a special place in the heart of all of us who love fantasies and dreams. We have 3D Walt Disney Puzzles that will take your breath away. You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy our challenging games. Our 3D puzzles are perfect for an afternoon hanging out with friends or your partner. Of course, assembling one can be a project the pulls the family together. And what about the youngest ones in the family? We’ve got 3D puzzles of everything Disney made just for them. You will find all of Disney’s beloved characters, including the ones from their latest hits.

We offer plastic and foam cardboard puzzles by the best companies in the world. Thus, all of our products are officially licensed. Explore our wide selection of models, and you will find the most incredible designs and shapes. Fairies, witches, princesses, robots, wizards, spaceships, castles, and palaces are waiting for your hands to give them life. Yes, Elsa and her Frozen universe too! Just you wait until you see our models with LED lights! That’s the magic of Disney 3D puzzles: dreams come alive.

3D Puzzles of Disney Castle

What could possibly be better than a Disney Castle in 3D Puzzle? Ravensburger has 3D puzzles of the Disney Castle that are exact reproductions of the beloved castle. It’s probably the world’s most famous castle. Though it’s a castle that Disney imagined, you can visit the real thing in the parks in different parts of the world. Now you can have your own Disney Castle. Actually, you can have several. We’ve got puzzles for all ages and in all degrees of complexity. Some are for adults and some for children. However, all are fun to assemble and play with. Once you are done, you will want to exhibit your Castle in your home!

In addition to the classical 3D Disney Castle, we’ve got puzzles that incorporate characters. We are talking about Mickey Mouse, Minnie and all their friends all over the castle! Do not worry. Since Ravensburger uses lasers to cut the pieces, these fit like a glove. You don’t need tools or glue. The company has patented its easyclick technology that guarantees a solid long-lasting piece. That’s why our Disney 3D puzzles are such popular gifts. Everybody loves them!


3D Puzzles of Mickey and Minnie

The moment you think about Disney, the lovely mouse pops into your head. You know who we are talking about! Yes, we have a Mickey Mouse 3D puzzle for every member of the family. Of course, we have a Minnie Mouse 3D puzzle too! Born in 1928, the eternally in love couple has been enamoring us for over 90 years! The entire world knows them. We’ve got an extensive collection of models of 3D puzzle, including Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse together. Some include other Disney classic characters, like Donald, Pluto, and Goofy. All of our models come with easy to follow instructions.

Mickey is one of those characters that you never outgrow. Consequently, our lines for older kids and adults are quite popular. Assembling some of our models is quite challenging. You may be building a cartoon puzzle, but the skills you need are no joke. We’ve slippers, pencil holders, pictures, boxes, lamps, and spheres. For architects and world travelers, we have a special line that combines famous landmarks and Disney characters. Imagine the world’s most iconic buildings together with your favorite characters. Regarding kids, we only carry safe nontoxic puzzles. You can relax while your kid improves his coordination skills and plays.


3D Puzzles of Frozen

In 2003, the first Frozen movie premiered and conquered the world over. It was an instant hit and became that year’s top-grossing film. No other movie came close. Even today, 18 years later, the movie is the 16th most successful movie of all time. However, the best was yet to come. In 2009, Frozen II was released and became all the rage. More popular than the original movie, it is still the number one animation in history. A Frozen 3D puzzle was long due, and now we have it. In fact, we have a 3D puzzle of Frozen I and II for every kick and fancy. We have Elsa and all of her friends, castles, buildings, lamps, shoes, boxes, and sculptures!

If you have children, we are telling you things you already knew. Kids adore Frozen! That’s why our Frozen 3D puzzles make such great presents. There isn’t a kid who doesn’t like them. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, King Agnarr, and Queen Iduna are part of their universe. As parents, we want them to have fun, but we want them to develop and learn too. Our Disney 3D puzzles, fulfill both duties. You won’t see your kid learning things so enthusiastically. In addition, they relax and, when done in a group, learn to cooperate. One of our top family models is the Puzzle 3D Frozen Lamp Olaf. The charming snowman looks lovely when lit up with LED lights.


3D Disney Puzzle Ball

As you can see from our pictures, each Disney Puzzle ball is a magical 3D puzzle with your favorite characters. We have the complete series. Each 3D puzzle ball comes with a different Disney design. We’ve got puzzle balls with all of Disney hits, including Elsa, Mickey, Donald, the Lion King, the Little Mermaid, Dora, and the Beauty and the Beast. Each 3D puzzle is a ball that you can play with. Ravensburger has designed curved pieces that fit smoothly, creating a perfect sphere. No worries, its easyclick technology guarantees that pieces don’t fall or unhinge. The quality of the graphics is superb and shows the quality of Disney’s designs. It may look like a pretty lamp, but there is a lot of technology behind it.

The line called Disney Princess 3D Puzzle is the dream of many boys and girls around the globe. Depending on your kid’s age, maybe some of your help is needed. Some models are simple enough for kids to do on their own! Another popular line is the one for kids 3, 6, and 9 years old of simple educative puzzles. These make great gifts. For creative kids, we have a whole range of 3D puzzles with lights. Characters, palaces, chariots, and delightful creatures shine when lit up! Each puzzle provides a fun experience, assembling it, and a gorgeous lamp. Of course, kids learn to build. Finally, it will look splendid in your home!


3D Disney Globe

Our all-time favorites are 3D puzzles of the globe. The line called Disney Globe Puzzle is a dream come true. Ravensburger is the genius company behind it; Disney, the one that created the most beautiful graphics to cover our planet. You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy it. Avid travelers love them too. Consequently, we have a 3D puzzle globe for each stage in life. Some designed for kids as young as 24 months old. One is a tribute to nature and showcases each continent’s animals. No worries, they are officially licensed products that comply with strict regulations. Likewise, they may be fun, but they are also educational toys that motivate kids.

On the other hand, we have an impressive model of 540 pieces. Ravensburger cuts each piece with state of the art lasers. Therefore, the pieces fit smoothly. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the pieces don’t fall down. The company’s patented easyclick technology makes each puzzle sturdy. Do not forget that this 3D puzzle is a real globe that you can spin and use to remember your trips and plan future ones. Besides, being such a beautiful object, you will want to exhibit it. The other puzzle perfect for a family project or time with friends is Ravensburger Planetary Solar System. We are talking about the 8 planets done in stunning detail. This one will awe just about everyone!