3D Wooden Puzzles

We love the complexity, design, and finish of our 3D wooden puzzles! That’s why we have selected a wide variety of premium quality products. We offer puzzles that move, lit up, and work as clocks and other machines. Since precision and durability are of the essence, we only offer top tier toys. Each wooden piece is cut with a laser and polished to perfection. Hence, you won’t need glue or tools to assemble your models. Though adults love our 3D wooden puzzles, adolescents and kids enjoy them too. We’ve got models for all ages. All you have to do is let your mind fly and your hands work their magic.

Besides, a wooden puzzle in 3D is not only a game but a beautiful object. We use them to decorate our home and office. As you know, organic wood is a light natural material that allows for all sorts of shapes and sizes. That’s why we can offer such a range of models. Models may vary, but the quality is always the same. We work only with the best designers and manufacturers in the world: Robotime and Ugears. Both companies invest heavily in research and technology to develop vanguard 3D wooden puzzles. Likewise, their products comply with applicable regulations and are safe to use.

Wooden Puzzles through History

To some of us, 3D puzzles maybe something new.  However, you can trace their history to 1760. According to history, British Cartographer John Spilsbury was preparing a geography class going over a map glued on a board. To improve his classes he decided to cut the map along the borders of each country. Thus, the wooden puzzle came alive over a simple board! As you can see, the first puzzle in the world was made of wood. His pupils loved the new classes and learned while having fun with the map.

These lovely maps were used to teach for over 50 years. However, the first puzzles for adults date back to the early 20th century. These old games did not fit as smoothly like the new ones do. To assemble them, players had to place one piece next to the other. The first quality wooden 3D puzzle is from the 1990s. As cool as these games were, things have improved so much over the last 30 years! We now have complex models that incorporate grade A materials and state of the art technology.

3D Wooden Puzzles for adults

Due to their complexity, most 3D wooden puzzles are perfect for adults. That said, we do have fantastic ones for kids! Besides, 3D wooden puzzles are perfect for adults and kids to hang out and have fun. The most elaborate ones are intricate and require imagination to assemble. Probably that’s why building one is so relaxing. You forget about your everyday stress and let your mind melt into your hands. Trust us, if you are looking for a toy to chill and soothe you, 3D wooden puzzles are for you. As soon as you complete a hard one, you can move to an even more elaborate puzzle!

The easiest models take 1 to 4 hours to complete, while the intermediate ones some 4 to 8 hours, and the toughest ones between 8 to 16! Of course, there’s no need to finish them in one go. We sometimes take days to complete a complex 3D wooden model, working a couple of hours a day according to our schedule. The whole point is to relax and create! Another great way to play is to assemble puzzles with friends. Cars, trains, boats, and buildings are amongst the most popular models that we offer. Some come with a brilliant mechanism that allows them to move. We are talking about superb toys that incorporate architecture and engineering.

3D Wooden Puzzles for Kids

Families will be happy to know that we have the best 3D wooden puzzles for kids. We know how much you care about your kid, so we’ve only selected safe, tested, premium toys. Our models were designed especially for kids with the utmost care and attention to detail. Clearly labeled and with simple instructions, all of our products comply with EU regulations. Most of our 3D wooden puzzles are for kids over 5 years old. It’s the age when girls and boys begin using their imagination to build stuff. We have cars, trains, and boats!

As we know how much small kids love nature, we have a lovely line just for them. A wooden baby puzzle will conquer the heart of your child while stimulating his mind. We’ve got the cutest animals in lively colors and different shapes. Do not worry. The pieces of this wooden puzzle toy are bigger and pose no risk to your kid. Besides, 3D wooden puzzles for kids make wonderful gifts. When gifting one, you are giving them hours to play and, once they finish building the puzzle, a toy. Your kids will ask for more!


Robotime is the number one company in the world producing 3D wooden puzzles. The company has a team of over 60 designers, architects, and engineers. They have a passion for detail and quality. Thus, they produce sophisticated pieces of art with complex assembling mechanisms. They use only premium and responsibly sourced wood. Since Robotime has over 400 models for everyone in the family, you won’t have any trouble collecting these superb sculptures.

Robotime has a signature line, known as ROKR 3D wooden puzzle. This line includes the most sophisticated models for adults. Evidently, these art pieces make fantastic gifts. If you want your gift to stand out, these classy puzzles are for you. The company also has a line for kids. Called ROLIFE, models are colorful and fun. Amongst the structures your kid can assemble, we find houses, furniture, characters, and animals. All of our articles include clear instructions and do not require glue or tools. For smaller kids, we have a simple line with big 2D pieces and colors and shapes.


Ugears is a Ukrainian company that began producing 3D puzzles in 2014. They had tremendous success, and, soon enough, their toys were all around the globe. The company excels in detailed super-realistic puzzles. Most of their products are for older kids and adults. Made of premium quality plywood boards, all of the models incorporate the company’s patented technology. Not only that, but they use lasers to cut the pieces. Therefore, everything fits smoothly, and the end product is sturdy and resistant. The company has its own production facilities and offers luxurious toys.

Ugears models include a wide range of cars, trucks, trains, boats, planes, helicopters, and even space ships! The company invented and manufactures its signature mechanical model kits. Each model is done in high-grade wood sourced from sustainable producers. The assembly mechanism is engaging and fun. This is one of the reasons why you should buy a Ugears 3D puzzle. Their engineers are crazy creative and have come up with a brilliant system that does not require glue or tools. The final product is incredible. You will want to exhibit your collection in your office or home. Our top favorites? The ones that move, we simply can’t have enough of these!

Why Should You Buy 3D Wooden Puzzles

Wood is an organic material, and as such lends objects a sheer elegant look. That’s why we’ve been sculpting wood for millennia. Buy wooden puzzles and get yourself a unique sculpture. Besides, you are buying for yourself quality time. How many of us need time to relax, soothe our minds, and explore our creativity? Nothing works better than a 3D puzzle in reducing stress. Those of us who have kids should buy wooden puzzles too. They are more than just toys. A 3D puzzle pulls the whole family together. Assembling one is a family project that kids enjoy. They learn responsibility, patience, mechanics, and cooperation. And they do so, of their own free will, while having fun!

How many times have you been looking for an original gift? Something your loved one will appreciate? Wooden puzzles are the perfect gift for discerning adults. Trust us, you will be remembered. At the same time, you will be joining an ever-growing community of adults that like to have fun while creating. As if that wasn’t reason enough, just like us, you probably are spending more time at home. This is the perfect hobby to spend your hours at home without noticing. You will want to share your new passion with your friends! Finally, you will be getting a top-quality product, long-lasting and sophisticated. Both Robotime and Ugears take sourcing and the environment seriously, and so do us!