Camp Nou Stadium 3D Puzzle

If you like football, history, and architecture, these toys are for you. We have a collection of puzzles of the best stadiums in the world. Now you can buy a Nanostad FC Barcelona Camp Nou Stadium 3D puzzle that will take your breath away. The company has the official license to produce 3D puzzles of some of the world’s most famous football stadiums. Each of our models is a replica of the original stadium in Barcelona, Spain. Besides, assembling a model is challenging and relaxing. Take some time for yourself, call your kids, partner or friends, and relax. You won’t believe what you can build.

With a seating capacity of over 99,000 people, Camp Nou is the biggest stadium in Europe and the fourth in the world. Completed in 1957 and revamped several times, the stadium hosted the FIFA World Cup of 1982 and the Summer Olympics of 1992. As you probably know, we are a bunch of architects and avid travelers who love 3D puzzles. Over the last few years, we tried several models and selected only the best. That’s why you can trust that each puzzle Camp Nou in 3D we offer is both a challenging game and a piece of art. Remember that these models are meant to be displayed. Of course, being sturdy and resistant, you can also play with your stadiums.

Puzzle Camp Nou 3D Standard

This puzzle 3D of the home stadium of Barça will take you directly to Spain. As you probably know, Barça is one of the most popular teams in the world. The team has won 26 La Liga championships, 5 UEFA Champions League, 3 FIFA Club World Cups, and 30 Copa Del Rey trophies. That’s why tourists from all over the world visit the stadium in Barcelona. This Camp Nou Stadium Model is a replica of the original one. As mentioned above, the team granted Nanostad the Official license to produce top quality toys.

  • The assembled Camp Nou Stadium Standard Model by Nanostad is 11.25 inches long, 10.16 inches wide, and 3.97 inches tall (28,6 cm x 25,8 x  10,1 cm).
  • Your set includes foam cardboard pieces to build the stadium and sets for roofs and walls. Lasers cut the pieces, so these fit like a glove. Therefore, you don’t need any tools or glue.
  • Nanostad uses state of the art printers to achieve incredibly realistic graphics. This model reproduces every single detail, including the steps and grass.
  • This puzzle is for kids 7 years old and up. Smaller kids can play only under the supervision of adults. However, not recommended for kids younger than 36 months.
  • Due to its complexity, it’s perfect for an afternoon with friends while watching a football match. Of course, you can also build it on your own.
  • The model is pretty sturdy and durable. You can display your 3D puzzle of Camp Nou in your office or home.
  • This officially licensed product complies with applicable European Union regulations.

Puzzle Camp Nou 3D Mini

The standard model was so successful that Nanostad released a 3D puzzle Barcelona FC Nou Camp Mini. Indeed, this model is a small version of the real stadium. The assembled model is 6.53 inches long, 5.31 inches wide, and 2.12 inches tall (16.6cm x 13.5cm x 5,4cm). Due to its reduced size, it fits perfectly on desks, tables, and bookstands. However, this model may be smaller than the standard version, but it has the same quality. That is, made out of 100% eco-friendly foam cardboard and reproduces the original stadium with the utmost detail. If you are looking for an educational toy, this one is for you.

  • Your set includes foam cardboard pieces to build the stadium and sets for roofs and walls. Since lasers cut the pieces, these fit like a glove. Therefore, you don’t need any tools or glue.
  • This puzzle is for kids 7 years old and up. However, not for kids younger than 36 months.
  • All you have to do is punch out the pieces and follow the instructions. Of course, you can also try building it with your eyes only.
  • Officially licensed product. This model is non-toxic and safe. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.
  • This 3D puzzle is a great gift for kids interested in architecture. When playing, kids develop their psychomotor abilities and learn to concentrate.
  • Your kids can play with their models. Though made of cardboard foam, the assembled model is strong and resistant.

Puzzle Camp Nou 3D LED

The grandest and most impressive model is the Camp Nou 3D puzzle with LED lights. Assemble your puzzle, dim the lights and be ready to be dazzled. The stadium looks just like the real one at night. Nanostad designed the lighting system to mimic the one installed at the original stadium. That’s why in addition to being a fantastic puzzle, this Barça 3D stadium is also a lamp. You can use it to decorate your home, room, and office. Besides, this model is so luxurious that it makes a wonderful present. Gift it to loved ones if you want to be remembered! Get one for yourself and begin your collection today.

  • The assembled model of the Camp Nou that lights up is 16 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 4.92 inches tall (40,8 cm x 38 cm x 12,5 cm).
  • Your box comes with everything you need to install the LED lights. However, the batteries are not included.
  • The model is a replica of the actual stadium. Lasers cut the pieces so all you have to do is punch them out. No need for tools or glue.
  • For kids and adults 7 years old and up. Younger kids can play under the supervision of adults. However, not for kids younger than 36 months.
  • Due to its elegant lights, this model is a real lamp. Consequently, it’s meant to be displayed. Assemble your puzzle and exhibit it in your room, home or office.

Why Should You Buy Camp Nou 3D Puzzle

All of our models are premium toys done with care and a passion for quality. The stadiums are EPS foam cardboard. First-grade paper covers each piece. That’s why the state of the art printers can produce such sharp images. The assembling mechanism is challenging and fun. These models are true puzzles but in 3D. Therefore, you get the full jigsaw experience. Though each model comes with easy to follow instructions, trying to assemble with your eyes is twice the fun. However, when playing with kids, the instructions come in handy. After all, these are educational toys that develop spatial thinking and psychomotor abilities. Your kids won’t believe what they can build when concentrating and having fun.

  • Several studies prove that jigsaw puzzles reduce stress, relax, and soothe the mind. We all need to set time apart for ourselves. What better way to chill than building incredible 3D jigsaw puzzles? Buy a 3D puzzle of the FC Stadium and begin your collection now.
  • We all want to give original gifts. Everything looks the same, and people seem to have just about everything. Our 3D puzzles are incredible presents for adults and children.
  • We only work with the best brands and have the best prices in the market. All of our models are officially licensed products. Every model we offer complies with strict European regulations. You can trust our products.
  • Our dazzling collection of 3D puzzles of stadiums includes such icons as Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, Allianz Arena in Munich, Anfield Stadium in Liverpool, Etihad Arena in Manchester, and Bombonera in Buenos Aires.