The Best 3D Puzzles in the World

Everybody is talking about 3D puzzles. These new three dimensional puzzles have conquered the world in no time. No wonder, since they are more than just toys. Our 3D puzzles are super fun and perfect for spending time creatively. You can assemble them on your own or with your family, friends, and partner. We’ve got a huge variety of models in all shapes, sizes, and colors. All of the puzzles that we offer are made with state of the art technology and using only top quality materials. Some of our best models are also clocks, lamps, and tools. Just like the traditional ones, both kids and adults love three dimensional puzzles. Let your imagination fly and discover all that your talent can create!

Why Should You Buy 3D Puzzles

Don’t we all love to build beautiful moments? We also like to do things that challenge our minds and bodies. That’s exactly what 3D puzzles allow you to do. After days or hours assembling a three dimensional puzzle, you end up relaxed and with a pretty cool object, done with your own hands. Creating stuff with your head and hands is quite satisfying. Buy 3D puzzles online and build your collection of iconic buildings, world wonders, cars, or whatever ticks your fancy. We guarantee you: once you assemble your first one, you will want to buy 3D puzzles online for your relatives, friends, and colleagues. Indeed, they will remember you when building your gift. No worries about choices. We’ve got the best 3D puzzles for all tastes and ages!

3D Puzzles: Types

3D Wooden Puzzles

Wooden 3D puzzles are architectural toys. Assembling these beauties requires both your hands and brain. As architects ourselves, we absolutely love them! The majority of 3D wooden puzzles are design pieces and more complex to finish than traditional puzzles. Consequently, they are very popular among adults who want to spend quality time alone, with friends or family. Some of our top-selling models have brilliant mechanisms that allow them to move. Others lit up or are original pieces of art. We offer only the best wooden 3D puzzles, done with organic materials and using lasers. Since each piece fits perfectly, you do not need tools or glue to complete them. Only your creativity and talent are needed! We work with the leading companies in the world that specialize in high-end toys: Robotime and Ugears.

3D Plastic and Cardboard Puzzles

We have 3d plastic and cardboard puzzles in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Please take note that our puzzles use only non-toxic materials. Just like 3D wooden puzzles, the ones in plastic and cardboard are pretty solid and resistant. Likewise, building plastic and cardboard objects is a fun challenge. Most 3D puzzles of world-famous monuments and iconic buildings are plastic and cardboard. You can assemble your own Big Ben, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sagrada Familia, Taj Mahal and Statue of Liberty! Architects, designers, and artists take great care in reproducing with realism the world’s most recognized structures.  Once you finish, you won’t believe how detailed these small buildings are. Again, we are talking about prime quality toys produced with the latest technology. Therefore, no tools and glue are needed. The assembled models are sturdy, and never lose their shape and color. We work with the undisputed best companies in the world: Ravensburger, CubicFun, and Wrebbit.

3D Metal Puzzles

Engineers, designers, and architects are behind our 3D metal puzzles. They design and produce these vanguard toys with absolute precision. Since our 3D metal puzzles are absolutely safe, you have nothing to worry about. All of our products use non-toxic materials and include easy to follow instructions. However, take note that some of our metal puzzles are complex. That’s why assembling them relaxes and reduces stress so much. At the same time, metal toys are heavier than cardboard, plastic, and wooden ones. Made with ultra-polished metals, you can decor your office and home with these elegant objects. Most of our incredible models have a mechanical look. We have 3D metal puzzles of animals, vehicles, robots, and buildings. Due to their sophisticated design, a lot of people collect them all. Parents buy them to have fun with their kids while introducing them to the incredible world of architecture and engineering. Indeed, 3D puzzles are the ultimate educational toy, adored by young and older kids. Kids learn from experience while having fun. Microworld and Metal Earth have the best 3D metal puzzles in the world. These two prestigious companies produce only top-notch toys.

3D Puzzles with Lights

In addition to conventional models, we have 3D puzzles with lights. We have to be honest: these are our favorite puzzles! Ravensburger and CubicFun produce the best 3D puzzles that light up. Ravensburger signature line is called 3D puzzles Night Edition. You will spend hours relaxing while your creativity flows! Once done, you won’t believe the beautiful object you made. Wait till the night, and you will see it illuminated in all its glory! Imagine your own 3D Big Ben, Coliseum, or Empire State building lit! Our models combine different materials, such as plastic, cardboard, and metal. No worries, buy a 3D puzzle with lights online, and you will have all you need, except the batteries. Since both companies use patented technology, everything fits smoothly. The result is a gorgeous, sturdy, and resistant lamp.

3D Puzzles: Shapes

3D Puzzles of Famous Buildings

Architects, engineers, travelers, and history buffs love our 3D puzzles of famous buildings and landmarks. Since we are all of the above, we are quite passionate about them. Our top-selling line includes the most important monuments in the world. For instance, we have the most recognizable French buildings: the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Arc du Triumph. Of course, we have the ones from Spain too, such as the Sagrada Familia Church. You guessed it: we have the best 3D puzzles of stadiums, including the Santiago Bernabeu and the Camp Nou. If you are a football fan, buy these 3D puzzles online! These puzzles are collectible. Once you have one, you will want to have them all. That’s why they make such wonderful gifts. Kids love them because they learn about different cultures.

3D Puzzles of Cars and Ships

We offer 3D puzzles of all types of vehicles, including cars and ships. Motorized vehicles have quite a fathom. You guys are legions and know your passion! Our 3D puzzles of cars and ships are collectible items. Since they are done with top quality materials and patented technology, models reproduce the original with outstanding detail. Naturally, they are not that easy to build. How hard? It depends on your talent and imagination! What we can say for sure is that you will love what you make. Some models have 500 pieces! Don’t worry, since you can also buy a 3D puzzle online for your kids. With these, clever kids have fun while developing their psychomotor skills and concentration. Ravensburger has a great line of conventional vehicles. We also have puzzles for all of us who love the sea, including sailing ships, iconic vessels, and research cruises. CubicFun has an incredible line of cardboard ships. You will want them all!

3D Puzzles of Animals

Not all of our products are for older kids and adults. We are pleased to offer a line of 3D puzzles for kids. We’ve selected the incredible Rolife toys, produced by Robotime. The company produces safe and original educational toys with a passion for quality. Kids love our 3D animal puzzles. Since they have fewer pieces, they are not hard to build. Your child will give life to penguins, bears, elephants, and pandas! When your kid spends time making her favorite toy, she learns about the importance of nature. What’s more: we have 3D dinosaur puzzles! Indeed, kids rave with our 3D Tyrannosaurs, Stegosaurs, and Triceratops. Not only that, but they learn of evolution and earth. Buy a 3D puzzle online for your kid, and build unforgettable memories! 

Other 3D Puzzles

Three-dimensional puzzles come in all shapes and types. One of our top selling products is the 3D puzzle of the globe. Unlike a traditional 2D globe, these are the real thing. We have several models. Some are easy to assemble, and some quite a challenge. The most complex ones are ideal for kids and adults from 10 years old. Our 3D mechanical puzzles are true masterpieces. Once assembled, these wooden wonders move! Both Robotime and Ugears have 3D clocks, construction kits, and cameras. You read it right: mechanical gears in a 3D wooden puzzle that work! Everybody loves our Orpheus Robot. People love gifting this cute moving marvel. Haven’t we all at one time dreamt of robots? Whatever you fancy, there is a 3D puzzle just for you. All of our products comply with strict EU Regulations, are safe, resistant, and come with instructions.

3D Puzzles from Movies and Cartoons

3D Puzzles from Disney

If you grew up, or are growing up, loving the wonderful world of Disney, we have good news for you. We have tons of Disney products! And what is our crown jewel? A Disney Castle by Ravensburger in 3D. We have several models that reproduce the iconic castle in Disneyland. As you probably know, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany inspired Disney Castle. We have several models, including a 200 piece wonder by Ravensburger. The company uses its patented easyclick technology that guarantees that pieces fit perfectly. Hence, you do not need glue or tools. For kids, we have 3D puzzles with Disney characters. That’s right: children can assemble moments of their favorite characters, such as Mickey Mouse and Cinderella. Don’t panic! We also have the latest hits, including Frozen and Moana.

3D Puzzles from Harry Potter

The adventures of the charming magician and his friends conquered the world a long time ago. Now, we have 3D puzzles of everything Harry Potter. Harry Potter fans are very loyal and know its universe. That’s why we only offer licensed products, done with the utmost care and passion. You can build the majestic Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in all of its glory! Wrebbit has the official license to produce toys from all of the famous novels and movies. Their Hogwarts Castle excels in beauty. It comes with the Astronomy Tower, the Grand Dining Room, the Chamber of Secrets, passages, and the hiding place of the Philosopher’s Stone. Of course, you can also build your own Hogwarts Express, the iconic train that travels from London to the school. It’s like reliving the story in your home. Being such a beloved character, 3D puzzles of the Harry Potter universe are the perfect gift for magical kids! CubicFun and MetalEarth also produce licensed models, including Hogwarts Castle. Let’s see which one is your favorite!

3D Puzzles from Star Wars

May the force be with you! We all know where that comes from: the most fantastic space saga, the one that set the standard and we all love. Your dream has become true and now you can assemble Star Wars 3D puzzles. We are hard fans of the original trilogy and the 6 latest ones. Thus, we only have premium quality products, all done under official license and using the latest technology. You can build characters, vehicles, and scenes of all of the movies. In fact, we’ve got 3D puzzles of the Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, Yoda, and Kylo Ren. MetalEarth specializes in vehicles and has realistic Star Wars 3D puzzles of the most iconic ships. Once again, such passion for the movies results in collectors. Therefore, you will want to have it all!

3D Puzzles from Game of Thrones

Without a doubt, the most popular TV series of all time, Games of Thrones, became an instant classic when it first premiered. Winter is coming, and Game of Thrones 3D puzzles too! Fans of the series include history buffs, architects, and travelers. You can assemble your favorite towns, buildings, houses, and scenes. As you know, producers used both incredible real-life locations and imagination to create superb sets. CubicFun and Wrebbit have the same obsession for quality and realism. That is why they have the official license. We have the most jaw-dropping puzzles, including the Winterfell and the Red Fortress. Evidently, the Iron Throne is everyone’s favorite. We have various models in different materials. Each is so cool that you don’t have to choose but collect them.